Bird Call Bookings strives to have the audience get in touch with the new generation of bands 'that need to be heard'. Bands that don't just continuously search for their own sound, but allow improvisation and interaction to influence every concert that they give. Because music is something that happens in the now and can't be caught. Bird Call Bookings and all of its involved musicians collectively work towards spreading this art form.

All bands represented by Bird Call Bookings are influenced by jazz music, and improvisation has a key factor in their music. We operate from the Netherlands, with the majority of its bands being Dutch, and work towards a sustainable career in the music industry.

Bird Call Bookings represents a few groups as their main booker and actively promotes and books concerts for them. Besides this main focus Bird Call Bookings offers (limited) free-of-charge promotion and support for upcoming groups that create similar cross-over music, and offer to be a consult whenever a festival or venue is looking for the newest and hottest band within this genre. Together we strive for high quality in music and communication, and aim to be your desired partner in the Dutch jazz scene.

Bird Call Bookings wishes to lower the bar for new bands to ask for help. Therefor we applied the 'no income means no costs' rule. If we can't provide you with more work, we won't charge you. For our first goal as the music community should always be to work together for a better future.



What if- one musician gets a call from another to do a background gig in an Italian restaurant. There is musical chemistry. “It was a magical evening,” say Eran Har Even, the Israeli born guitarist who had invited Sanne Huijbregts, the Dutch singer, to appear with him that day. Four years on, “EvenSanne” have brought out their third CD – What If. 

In 2016 the group won, meanwhile expanded with EWI and drums, the Keep An Eye: The Records. Supported by this award, the recognition and €10.000,- budget the quartet saw an opportunity to realise their dream. To make a leap and put themselves on the map for international modern jazzbands.

Proudly EvenSanne presents "What If" in May 2017 with a release show at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam. Presenting their cinematic stories, skilfully arranged with layers of electronics and loops. An orchestral sound with a psychedelic twist, strongly and intimately woven together by intens solos. The unearth-like EWI dances around the voice and carries the pounding drum grooves with catchy bass lines.

Tyranni Flock

Tyranni [tir-rè-nie] translates into a so-called 'screaming bird'. Innocent looking, singing the most beautiful songs. But turn your back on them and you will be pummelled by a blazing synth on top of an energetic groove. Using the unique combination of EWI and flute, drenched in electronic effects, they bring a modern, lyrical jazzfusion, inspired by both the old pioneers like Weather Report and The Brecker Brothers as the Dutch Eric Vloeimans' Gatecrash and Reinier Baas' MSRJME.

Originally formed by pianist and composer Robert van der Padt Tyranni Flock brings together a group of musicians from various different genres. EWI-player Itai Weissman grew up with Weather Report and fusion. Flutist Remi Kažukauskas comes from both a classical and jazz tradition. Bassist Hidde Roorda both performs lyrical jazz, ska and dirty rockmusic, and drummer Willem van der Krabben is an upcoming popdrummer featured a.o. in Jett Rebel's newest group. This is what makes the flock a modern fusion group, bringing various traditions together to strengthen the mixture of it.

Supporting bands/groups


The duo existing of Jérôme Cardynaals (1995) on drums and Simon Oslender (1997) on Hammond Organ already established a name for themselves before hitting their puberty. Winning the Dutch Prinses Christina Concours at the age of 15 and 13, they continued to perform with musicians as Dr. Lonnie Smith, Nils Landrgen, Philip Harper and Benjamin Herman. In Germany they've put themselves on the map by regularly perfoming in trio with guitarist Bruno Müller (known for Till Brönner, Chaka Khan and Billy Cobham). After getting a 4-star review form Magazine Jazzism for their 2nd album (at that time being 19 and 17 years old) they're now preparing for their 3rd album to be released later in 2017.

How Town

How Town is a Belgian/Latvian ensemble led by composer/bassist Lennart Heyndels. They combine contemporary popular music with improvisation and influences from experimental music. Point of departure is ‘the voice’ and all its different possibilities. How Town came into existence in 2012 when Lennart wrote a suite based on the poem Anyone lived in a pretty how town by E.E. Cummings. In the meantime the group has released three albums and was awarded the Young Music prize at the Theater Aan Zee festival in Oostende (BE). Their goal is to bring accessible music without relinquishing complexity. How Town operates ‘outside of the box’, giving their music the self-invented name contemporary multi-style post-pop music.


Floatmonki is the brainchild of vocalist and composer Donna van Dijck. Her music tells stories of rebirth, exploration and ardour. 
Fervent melodies, interwoven with cutting edge harmony, backed by a rhythm section that will push you through relentlessly. 

Witness a quest driven by the aesthetics of nature, seeking the state of mind where ratio and emotion become one.


Ikarai, consisting of strings, bass, piano and drums, uniquely blends the worlds of classical composition and improvisation into the soundtrack of a tale never told.

On their latest album FLY, Ikarai tells the story of the Greek myth of Icarus in sound. Was Icarus overconfident and naive, or brave and free? FLY tells the story of a boy who took a leap of faith and found ecstasy in freedom.

The ensemble originated from the mutual interests of composer/pianist Julian Schneemann and composer/bassist Camiel Jansen, both from Amsterdam. Surrounded by classical music from an early age, they received a strong basis and understanding of music as art. As with great composers such as Bach and Beethoven, and later Debussy and Stravinsky, all of whom were known to be great improvisers, Ikarai aims to bridge the present gap between composer and performer.

With it’s unique timbre, maneuverability and cinematic atmosphere, the ensemble draws you into a new world of sound. The instantaneous and the contemplative are balanced in Ikarai’s unique story.


Robert van der Padt
tel.: +316 1802 6566